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Members of the Communist Party of China have played exemplary roles in society and have taken on more responsibilities, especially when faced with challenges or even dangers that affect the people, an official of the CPC Organizing Committee said. Party members are easily distinguished in everyday life because they act more responsibly and are available when needed during difficult times, Qi Jiabin, an official with the CPC Central Committee"s Organization Department, said at a news conference. "Furthermore, they aren't afraid of making sacrifices when facing critical moments," Qi said. "We require Party members to better serve the people and play

BEIJING -- China"s Ministry of Veterans Affairs Monday signed agreements with six enterprises to expand the usage of preferential-treatment cards for veterans and other entitled groups. The enterprises include China UnionPay, PetroChina, and China Post, with five of the agreements to take effect from April 8, and the other one from June 1, said the ministry. Once the agreements take effect, the enterprises will provide different degrees of preferential and exclusive priority services for the cardholders based on their contribution and the enterprises' respective domains. The agreements aim to enhance the cardholders' senses of gain and honor, said the ministry.

BEIJING - China"s central authorities have pledged to tighten COVID-19 prevention and control measures to resolutely prevent the resurgence and spread of the epidemic during the upcoming holiday season. Efforts should be made to reduce the flow of people and gatherings from the New Year's Day to the Spring Festival holiday, said a circular jointly issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council. It urged local authorities to strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures in port cities, and improve the epidemic surveillance and early warning systems. In terms of the