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German drug maker Bayer AG supported a public welfare activity in China in an effort to raise social awareness in defects of newborns and improve the overall health of women and children in the country. The activity, named the Defect Free Campaign, was jointly launched on Sept 12 by the National Health Commission and the China Health Promotion Foundation. The campaign, which has been successfully held for three years, invites maternal experts to offer trainings to healthcare professionals in medical institutions in China, to raise awareness of basic maternal knowledge and skills and infant healthcare, as well as improve maternal

US tech company Amazon is doubling down on the fast-growing social commerce sector by beefing up its presence in WeChat mini program, as China"s Generation Z consumers-those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s-evince rising demand for personalized and niche overseas products via social media channels. Social commerce, which refers to a person's entire shopping experience-from product discovery to checkout process-takes place on a social media platform and is gaining traction among Chinese consumers, industry experts said. The company has launched a group-buying function within its WeChat mini program and strengthened cooperation with key opinion leaders as part of

The central government has stabilized China"s job market in the past 10 years and has managed to withstand the tremendous impact inflicted by the COVID-19 epidemic and challenges posed by economic downturn since 2020. Data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security showed that the urban working population has increased in the past 10 years, growing from 373 million in 2012 to 468 million in 2021, and the average annual growth of newly employed people during the period was around 13 million. More people transferred to working in the service industry from 2012, helping to improve the employment