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From: Talk to Al JazeeraUN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet discusses the pending report release following her controversial trip to China.It is nearly four years since Michelle Bachelet took on a responsibility many consider one of the most complex in international diplomacy, serving as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. It means she bears responsibility for promoting and protecting human rights guaranteed under international law. With her mandate ending on August 31, what legacy is Bachelet leaving behind? Has she failed or succeeded as the world’s leading human rights advocate? The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle

From: The Bottom LineAre relations between China and the United States too deep to be affected by the visit of a top US politician to Taiwan?China announced plans to flex its muscles near Taiwan in response to a visit Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, made to the island. For China, Taiwan is a breakaway province that must be “reunited” with the mainland. For Taiwanese leaders, it is a sovereign nation that wants to maintain its status quo. The US policy is called “strategic ambiguity” – supporting Taiwan’s autonomy for now while being cautious not

From: The Listening PostAs Filipinos vote for a new president, what can they expect for media and free speech? Plus, Taiwan’s political satirists – taking digs at China.Nostalgia for the days of dictatorship; Filipinos go to the polls as journalists prepare for life post-Duterte. Contributors: Marichu Lambino – Professor, University of the PhilippinesCamille Elemia – JournalistJonathan Corpus Ong – University of Massachusetts Amherst & Disinformation Researcher, Harvard UniversityRachel Khan – Co-ordinator, On our radar: Judgment Day is coming for the United States’ abortion law. Producer Flo Phillips looks at the sneak preview of the decision leaked to the press