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Industrial, textile, digital, 3D ... China-made specialized printers feel boom in nearly 100 countries, regions Editor"s note: This series of stories looks at local enterprises in specialized sectors that have a share in global markets. When Shi Qianping decided to go into business two decades ago, making money was not foremost on his mind. "Like many other domestic companies, we faced seemingly insurmountable competition from foreign brands in the printing industry then, with their high standards, advanced technology and established presence," said Shi, now 49. "I realized it was very shortsighted and impractical to keep thinking about the bottom line.

The Eastern Theater Command of the People"s Liberation Army remains on high alert and is ready to thwart any provocations, Senior Colonel Shi Yi, a spokesman for the theater command, said in a statement on Sunday. The statement came after two United States warships sailed through the Taiwan Straits. The US cruisers Chancellorsville and Antietam sailed through the Taiwan Straits on Sunday, with the US publicly hyping the trip, Shi said. He said the theater command has tracked and monitored the entire passage of the ships and has everything under control. The transit was the first such operation of the

The People"s Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command recently conducted interservice combat exercises in the air and waters near Taiwan, according to a spokesman. The operations were intended to act as a warning to the United States and Taiwan for their recent moves, PLA Senior Colonel Shi Yi said in a statement released on Wednesday. "The way the US deals with the Taiwan question has been in stark contrast to its commitments to us. It continues to embolden 'Taiwan independence' forces. Such hypocritical acts will be in vain and will only bring a dangerous situation and grave consequences to the US