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TAIYUAN -- Shanxi, a major coal-producing province in North China, has made continuous advances in high-quality development over the past decade, according to a press briefing held Wednesday. Shanxi"s accumulated coal output over the past 10 years reached nearly 10 billion metric tons, accounting for about a quarter of China's total, said Lin Wu, secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, adding that Shanxi's coal output is expected to reach 1.3 billion tons in 2022. While ensuring China's energy supply, Shanxi has strived to push forward the transition of its energy supply structure by adopting

TAIYUAN - North China's Shanxi province saw its foreign trade surge by 33.8 percent month-on-month to 17.39 billion yuan ($2.58 billion), said customs of the provincial capital Taiyuan. Affected by changing international situations and the epidemic, Shanxi's foreign trade in the first half of the year achieved 91.27 billion yuan, down 19.3 percent year-on-year. Steel, magnesium and its products, and coal are among the major exported commodities. Also during H1, Shanxi's trade with the United States and the Republic of Korea increased by 5.7 percent and 28.1 percent, respectively.

Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc received approval for the commercial operation of its autonomous car service in Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province on Friday, and the company's Apollo Go, also known as Luobo Kuaipao is authorized to provide paid robotaxi services in the city starting Sunday. Yangquan is the third city across the nation launching commercial autonomous driving vehicle services, after Beijing and Chongqing. The service provided by Baidu's Apollo Go includes over 30 pickup and drop-off points in government departments, residential areas and high-tech industrial parks at the initial stage, Baidu said. The service is available every day of