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China has a no-first-use policy for nuclear weapons. However, China considers Taiwan to be its territory, and according to China, this policy doesn’t apply to any situation involving Taiwan. This message was clearly conveyed by Sha Zukang, the former Chinese ambassador to the UN. In an interview with the BBC, Sha said that China would "do the business" and sacrifice its own people's lives if any nation supported a declaration of independence by Taiwan. This is what makes the situation with Taiwan so dangerous. A significant part of China’s strength lies in its conventional forces and weapons. However, China’s nuclear

If China wins a war in the South China Sea, China will be the biggest bully in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth. Tension across the blue waters of the Southern Sea of China escalates as international exchanges between countries bordering the South China Sea turns ugly. The possibility of war becomes imminent. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for China to make one more leap of faith to greatness. Should war take place, and it may, China has the benefit of playing on its home turf. Not only they can they reclaim territory lost to them many

As organizations that share a global perspective and provide students with an excellent international education, Richmond and CEG have much in common. Richmond was founded in 1972 by the late Sir Cyril Taylor to promote international student experience. As the only university in the UK to award both British and US degrees, Richmond has always been internationally oriented, with students from more than 60 countries enrolled at Richmond and Kensington Universities. [Sources: 1] Another aspect of internationalization is to encourage Indian institutions to establish themselves on campus through strategic partnerships with local institutions. Partnerships between international higher education institutions offer