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Established in April 2020, China Research Group (CRG) is now working as a research centre for Sino-British relations in the wake of increasing China’s assertiveness and nationalistic sentiments of the Communist Party of China. The CRG has been founded by Conservative MPs of the UK’s Tory party to promote a new debate and come up with better policies for UK-China relations. The group is led by Tom Tugendhat MP who also heads the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of UK and Neil O’Brian, the MP for Harborough and former director of the Policy Exchange think tank. Other members of the CRG

In 2016, Congress introduced the Defend Trade Secrets Act to protect American companies from foreign trade secret theft. The concern is not unfounded. The FBI has indicated that U.S.-based businesses are increasingly targeted for theft of trade secrets by foreign entities, often with state-sponsorship and backing.[1] For example, the FBI recently convicted Walter Liew, a Chinese business consultant to DuPont, an American conglomerate chemical manufacturing company, for stealing the chemical processes to make a whiter paint and selling it to Chinese companies.[2] Liew took the information he gathered while working for DuPont to China and won contract bids up to

Hong Kong Refugees in Britain: Tensions Escalate   UK's immigration laws aren't what you'd call receptive. Out of every 100 global immigrants, the UK is home to just 1.   This is set to change. UK prime minister Boris Johnson was quick to promise a pathway to nearly 3 million Hong Kong nationals, for living and working in the UK.   That’s after 30th June saw China’s controversial Hong Kong Security Act become law.   Great Britain Is, Finally, Showing Its Spine   Priti Patel, a senior cabinet minister said, “From the expulsion of Ugandan Asians from a repressive regime…