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The US-China Trade Policy framework, also referred to as the China-US dialogue mechanism and the China-US economic partnership plan, describes the current US approach to dealing with China. It is a framework that is designed to bring an end to the current state of confusion that has been prevailing in the US-Chinese relationship since the mid-1990s. The framework has two elements: the dialogue between the two countries and the trade policy that the Chinese government implements as it seeks to establish greater economic power in its own right, without having to depend on the US. The framework also defines the

PetroChina has climbed to a market high in the last month as its top three competitors - China Petroleum & Chemical, China National Offshore Oil Company, and CNPC - all fell on the week. This makes sense given the fact that PetroChina is well positioned to take advantage of any potential upside from China's economy when things start to pick up in the world's most populous nation in the coming months and years. The Chinese economy is expected to rebound significantly in the coming years as the global supply glut subsides and its demand for petroleum picks up. In this